How do I proceed to becoming a sperm donor?

The process is not as complicated as you may think. You can start the process of becoming a sperm donor right from our website. There is no obligation and all enquiries are completely private and confidential.

To become a sperm donor:

1. Contact Sperm Donors Australia

You can register your initial interest in three different ways:

a) Through our web site and go to our registration page.

b) By email.  Click on " Contact " on the front page and request an initial appointment.

c) By calling 1800 985 838 to either arrange an initial confidential appointment or to ask any further questions you may have.

2. Initial appointment

At this appointment:

• You will be asked to produce a semen sample. You should ideally have at least 48 to 72 hours of abstinence prior to producing your sample. 

* The Scientist will analyse your sample.

• You will be given consent forms to complete

• You will be given a pathology form for your blood test. This test is required as part of the routine screening process necessary to donate sperm. You will need to get the blood tests completed so the results are available at your medical check-up.       Any results from your medical check up and blood tests will be given to you and there is no charge for this service

3. Counselling

Every man who is considering donating sperm will need to attend two counselling sessions by a nominated CFC counsellor. This is a legal requirement.

The sessions are an opportunity to receive information and to have any questions answered concerning social and legal issues of sperm donation. It is not a test to see if you are “good enough’ to become a donor.

4. Medical check-up

To ensure that you are medically suitable to become a sperm donor you will require a consultation with one of our Fertility Specialists. This doctor will review your blood test results and your medical and family history will be checked. You will be provided with the results. Any results from your medical check-up and blood tests will be given to you and there is no charge for this service.

5. Donations

Once steps one to three have been completed you can arrange a time with the clinic to give your donations. Ideally we would like a donor to provide up to 5 donations. There is no timeframe requirement for this; it can be flexible around your time, once a week or twice a week.

Donors are also asked to complete information about their appearance, personality and education and this is known as the ‘donor profile’. The “donor profile” is provided to potential recipients so that they can choose a donor with similar characteristics to themselves. The donor profile does not contain any identifying information.

6. Collection of semen samples

Semen donations must be produced at the clinic, to allow the scientists to confirm the identity of the donor and process the sample within the optimal time frame.

The clinic has a private collection room onsite where you can produce your sample via masturbation. We have reading and DVD material available to assist you producing your sample. 
Samples must be produced without using lubricants and must be collected in the sterile containers provided.
Ideally we would like each donor to give a minimum of ten donations.

It is important that you inform Sperm Donors Australia if:

• You contract the flu or a more serious illness. Your health may affect your semen quality. You start taking drugs or medication of any kind other that alcohol and cigarettes.

• You and/or your sexual partner(s) contract an infectious disease such as HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea or Chlamydia, either while you are an active donor or after you stop donating.

• You, your children or anyone in your family is diagnosed with a congenital or hereditary disease or illness, either while you are an active donor or after you stop donating.

Will I get paid to donate sperm?

In Australia it is against the law for someone to profit from the donation of sperm (as detailed in the Human Tissue Act 1982.). However, as a valued sperm donor, you will initially need multiple appointments to meet with our fertility specialist, undergo screening blood tests, see the counselor and make your donations.

We realise that your time is valuable and that you will have traveling expenses associated with this. Hence, you will be compensated $300 for each sperm donation to cover these expenses.

Once you have completed the initial screening process you will be reimbursed as follows:

Reimbursement 1: $150 per sample, after each donation that is approved and frozen for use.

Reimbursement 2: $150 per sample  - already donated,  that is approved and frozen for use. (reimbursed after the final 6 month blood test).

For example, if you provide 5 samples that are approved, you will be reimbursed $1500 in total.  By reimbursing your time and expenses for donating sperm, we hope that the entire process will be as effortless as possible.

Will donating sperm cost me anything?

No.  The clinic will pay for your medical appointment, blood tests and counselling sessions.

You may incur travel and or parking costs but this will be reimbursed in two $150 installments as detailed in “Will I get paid to donate sperm?” section.