Top 10 Reasons to Donate

Sperm donors are asked: Why do you want to become a sperm donor?

These are some of the reasons they gave:

  1. To help single women or couples (heterosexual or same sex) who cannot conceive naturally.
  2. It is an opportunity to give back and provide a service for someone.
  3. They have seen firsthand the joy a new child can bring to a family and they would like to help women or couples who are unable to achieve a pregnancy.
  4. They would like to help others enjoy parenthood as much as they have (donors with children).
  5. To help women and couples unable to bear children; to add something new to their life.
  6. To make a difference in the world. Some people would like to leave at least a “footprint” on the earth.
  7. Giving is a good thing to do.
  8. A friend’s recommendation. It is an easy way to help others and further medical research.
  9. Because of the shortage of donors at SDA.
  10. It is a good cause.


By becoming a sperm donor you will be part of an exceptional group of men who have chosen to help others in fulfilling their dreams of having a family.


Who can be an Sperm Donor?

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