Sperm Donors Australia is an initiative of City Fertility Centre

Sperm Donors Australia was established in 2011 to provide single women or couples (heterosexual or same sex), who are unable to conceive naturally, with the opportunity to become parents.

Our commitment is to ensure you have excellent medical treatment with a caring and personalised approach. We will keep you well informed throughout your journey to becoming a sperm donor.


Personalised Care

We believe that to provide complete and compassionate care we must treat the person as a whole, both physically and emotionally.

Your decision to join our program as a sperm donor is extremely important, and for this reason, we aim to provide you with as much information as possible. Our friendly staff are available to discuss any questions you may have and provide you with comprehensive support throughout your journey.

Looking after you is our highest priority.


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    Please be advised that Donation of Reproductive Tissue in Australia must be Altruistic
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