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Reasons to Donate

By becoming a sperm donor, you have the opportunity to help women or couples, who are unable to conceive naturally, become parents.

What is Involved?

The first step towards becoming a sperm donor is to register your interest. You can email us, call us or request an information pack. Check out our Step-by-Step guide.

Am I Eligible to Donate?

Men of all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds can become sperm donors. However, we need to check a few things to make sure you meet some requirements.

1 in 6 Australian couples experience fertility problems

Are you looking for a sperm donor?

If you’re looking for a suitable sperm donor, you can instantly find your perfect match through our partners Addam Donor Bank, the leading sperm bank of Australia.

You can choose from local and/or international sperm donors with the Addam Donor Bank app, and better yet, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

For more information, please visit addamdonorbank.com.au or download their app for iPhone and Android.

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