Who can be a Sperm Donor?

Men of all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds can become sperm donors. This includes men of different heights and shapes, as long as you meet the criteria below:

  • You are between 18 and 45 years of age (21 to 45 in Victoria).
  • Clinic-recruited donors must have a permanent address and be contactable for follow-up screening. They must be able to provide three identifiers and proof of permanent address, e.g. driver’s licence, photo ID or passport.

Clinic-recruited sperm donors with student, working holiday or temporary working visas will not be accepted to the program. Candidates with temporary resident visas may be accepted if they can provide evidence of the above requirements.

  • You are in good health and have no history of hereditary disease. Donors will not be accepted if they suffer from an illness, disease or genetic condition that poses an unacceptable risk of being passed on to any child conceived from the donation.
  • You can provide a family medical history.
  • You have a low risk for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.
  • You are not eligible to donate if in the past 12 months you have:

– Had sexual activity with any person known to have been exposed to HIV.

– Engaged in sexual activity with a male or female sex worker.

– Been a male sex worker (i.e. received money, gifts etc. as payment for sex).

– Used an injectable non-prescription drug.

– Had a blood/body fluid splash in your eyes, mouth, nose or broken skin with someone you might think would have been exposed to any of the issues mentioned above.

– Had a blood transfusion.

– Been imprisoned.

  • Men who have had any of the following cannot donate:

– Clotting factors for clotting disorders (Factor VIII or Factor IX).

– Transplant or graft (organ, corneas, dura mater, bone etc.),

– Human growth hormone derived from human pituitary gland or human pituitary derived graft material.

  • Men who have tested positive for any of the following tests cannot donate:

– HIV. 

– Hepatitis B. 

– Hepatitis C. 

– HTLV 1 and 2.

  •  Marital status: If married or in a defacto relationship, the wife/partner must consent to the donation. Where a married couple is separated but not divorced, it is strongly recommended that the wife consent to the procedure.


If you feel you have what it takes to be a sperm donor, we encourage you to contact us. Our friendly staff are available to discuss any questions you may have about our donor program. We are here to help you.


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